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Leaving a Legacy

June 1, 2023
We spend our whole life creating memories - our legacy. Our residents at Austin Trace enjoy walking down memory lane, reminiscing, reliving their past and sharing all that their lives have held for them. We ask for their stories using the words, "tell me," because it lets them know we're interested and want to hear about it. And oh, the lessons we learn listening to another's experiences are remarkable.

Sharing memories with our residents can be such an enriching experience. It offers them acceptance and a feeling of being cared for. Allison S., Austin Trace's Speech Pathologist, works on creating Memory Lane boards with our residents to reminisce. Allison had the privilege of creating a memory board with our new resident, Randy C. He was so excited and proud of the result that he wanted to show off his board.

Reminiscing involves sharing thoughts and feelings about one's experiences. It allows someone to reflect upon important events such as birthdays, people they love and events that may have changed their lives. Offering this opportunity to look back and recall helps seniors connect to those around them while enjoying telling the stories of their past. This improves not only communication but encourages laughter and validates their life. It can actually restore their sense of belonging to this world.

Being able to offer care and support to our residents is so rewarding. Doing activities like this and simply showing interest in their lives is important for their well-being and what our Foundations Family loves to do because it is our Culture of Care. Click the 'News' button below to see more ways our staff members care for our residents.


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Leaving a Legacy
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